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Home of the Off The Road Sessions, Headquarter of the Off The Road Concerts, Location for Live Sessions, Recordings, Video and Film Productions, Exclusive Concerts, Photo Shootings, Rehearsals, Songwriting, Digital Releases and/or reading a good book.

The OFF THE ROAD – Crew:
Marv Endt (Organization, Filming, Editing, Concert Promotion)
Felix Kastl (Filming, Photos, Web)
Steffen Tielcke (Resident Producer/Engineer)
Adam Lenox (Jr) (Resident Producer/Engineer)
Alex Beyer (Promotion, Booking)
Sabrina Jung (Booking, Concert Promotion)
Tucker (4-legged-guardian of his holy premises)

Partner Producers / Sound Engineers:
Felix Franzke (OTRS), Charlie Paschen (Charlies Studio), Thies Neu (Tonbrauerei), Christopher Peyerl (Überwelle Productions), Robert Amarell

– Our team comes along with longstanding experiences in concert and festival management, artist support, TV and video productions, online and radio promotion and audio recording. Feel free to contact us, we can talk about (almost) everything.

Welcome Home!
The Off The Road-Crew

Equipment List / Studio Specs

Studio 1

  • 90m² recording hall, 4m high, light-flooded
  • living room – atmosphere with fireplace, XXL-bookshelf and wooden floor
  • optimized distinctive room acoustics
  • particularly suitable for live- und drum recording
  • flexible absorbers on the ceiling and the walls, 40m² acoustic curtain, div. diffusers

Studio 2

  • 50m² recording room
  • optimized dry acoustics
  • particularly suitable for voice- and amp recording
  • also bookable for rehearsals

Control Room

  • 25m² room-in-room
  • acoustically optimized


  • cosy 20m² kitchen/chillout
  • with couches, fridges, coffee machine, microwave etc.


  • ⇒ Equipment List / Studio Specs
  • div. additional consoles, preamps, interfaces, microphones and backline bookable
  • customized offers incl. producer / engineer
  • Extras? You name it!