Studio 1

  • 90m² recording hall, 4m high, light-flooded
  • living room – atmosphere with fireplace, XXL-bookshelf and wooden floor
  • optimized distinctive room acoustics
  • particularly suitable for live- und drum recording
  • flexible absorbers on the ceiling and the walls, 40m² acoustic curtain, div. diffusers

Studio 2

  • 50m² recording room
  • optimized dry acoustics
  • particularly suitable for voice- and amp recording
  • also bookable for rehearsals

Control Room

  • 25m² room-in-room
  • acoustically optimized


  • cosy 20m² kitchen/chillout
  • with couches, fridges, coffee machine, microwave etc.


  • ⇒ Equipment List / Studio Specs
  • div. additional consoles, preamps, interfaces, microphones and backline bookable
  • customized offers incl. producer / engineer
  • Extras? You name it!